Most of these articles were first published in Catalogue & e-Business under the series "Financial Techniques for Non-Financial Catalogue Managers." You will see that the number at the end of some of the titles denotes the order in which they were published.


I have grouped the material by "Finance", "Strategy & General Management" and "Marketing & Merchandising".


Most of the presentations were given at the ECMOD Conferences in London.  One was given to the Spanish Direct Marketing Association in Madrid.


None of this material was prepared specifically for a client and although useful, this work is no substitute for tailor-made consultancy.  A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing!


Please feel free to download these articles (in Word format) and Presentations (Powerpoint) for your own use.  If you would like all the articles in a zip file then please email me by clicking here and I will send you the whole set.  Yes, I could put the zip file on the web site but this seems like too good an opportunity to make some contacts and find out who is viewing my site.  If you would like to publish any of this material then you must ask my permission.  All this material is Copyright ©2006 Ray Morris-Hill Associates.

Strategy and General Management


10 Top Tips - 8

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - 15

Business Principles

Critical Mass for a Catalogue Business - 6

Developing a Growth Strategy

Get Organised for Success

Long Term Plans for Catalogue Businesses - 10

Retail and Mail Order

The Characteristics of Well Run Catalogue Companies

The Four Seasons - 14

What lessons can we learn from the UK

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Marketing & Merchandising


Advertising for Catalogue Requests - 4

Catalogue Circulation Planning & Finance

Circulation vs Pagination

Database Hygiene

Database Modelling

Evaluating Circulation Tests - 3

FAQ List Broking - 16

FAQ List Management - 17

Mailing External Lists - 5

Recruitment methods and Competition

Successful House File Strategies

Clearing Old Stock

Many Happy Returns - 7


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Sales per Book and other measures of Mailing Performance - 1

Cashflow Management Part 1 - 12

Cashflow Management Part 2 - 13

Database Valuation

Financial techniques

How Profitable should my business be?

There's many a Slip - 9

Turning Demand into Profit - 2

Value of a List

What is PLANB - 11


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