"On a serious note, you get what you pay for when it comes to business advisors/consultants.  Pay the extra 50 percent and get the very best in the sector because it will save you many thousands in the long run.  Many years ago we received some very bad advice from professional advisors.  It was free, but would have cost us thousands if we had followed it...thankfully we didn't!   On the other hand we have employed mail order consultant, Ray Morris-Hill, for the last seven years and his input has been significant in helping us get where we are now (and avoiding those pitfalls).  Good advice from experts really is worth every penny."


Russ Andrews, Founder, Russ Andrews Accessories, as quoted in Catalogue & e-business 19 May 2006






"We have worked with Ray since 2001 and he has helped us to understand and benchmark Healthy Direct in all areas. His keen analytical approach has been of great value to us in interpreting our results and developing and implementing strategies to improve our business. He has also trained members of our team so they can understand the financial performance of our catalogue operation."


Graham Winn, Managing Director  Healthy Direct

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"Ray Morris-Hill is one of the best all round mail order consultants in the UK.  Ray helped Boden focus on the key areas to drive profit improvements; he provided useful benchmark figures and a helpful perspective on our business."
Johnnie Boden, Chairman and Founder, Boden
"I have worked with Ray for more years than I care to mention, he has a logical and analytical approach to business which really adds value to the decision making process. His understanding of the data also means he is able to challenge current ways of operating and initiate debate to drive efficiencies and improvements across all business functions."
Cathryn Comben, Marketing & Operations Director, Gray& Osbourn
"Working with Ray helped bring focus to areas of our Mail Order channel we had long neglected.  The results were a real eye opener! When we were finished with our plan the business felt far more informed about what needed to be done.  Ray's service wasn't the cheapest but it was worth every pound spent. It was great to work with Ray and I look forward to working with him on future projects."  
Twanna Doherty - Head of Public Fund Raising and Direct Marketing,  Traidcraft
"Ray's health checks focus with laser-like accuracy at the key metrics that should underly all successful direct businesses."
Angus Thirlwell - Managing Director, Hotel Chocolat







"Thank you for the time you spent at LOMBOK the other week, and the way you made us question each area of our business.


As an optimist it is easy to get excited about new projects and assume that sometimes enthusiasm and commitment will be enough to see you through!   It was an excellent reality check for us, and has made me realise again just how lucky we are to have such a strong retail business and that we should continue to build on our strengths rather than trying to conquer the world!


I have no problem enclosing a cheque for the day you spent at LOMBOK as it has ultimately saved us many more thousands in the long run! "


Sarah Morison, Director, LOMBOK

Ray Morris-Hill Associates